A step-to-step guide to booking a cab from uber

Hunting for a rapid cab booking service? Uber is a complete package for you containing fast and easy booking services and some other features. These extra efforts include the benefit of tracking your loved one sitting in the cab while his ride.

You can also choose the route for reaching your destination and call on Uber Customer Care Number to learn about the fare calculation and get informed about your cab’s location. But what if your booking gets cancelled every time? Maybe you are doing it wrong. So, we have come up to help you get picked up by a cab anywhere, anytime.

Follow the following steps to book an uber cab:

Step-1. Download the Uber app

Open the Playstore and search for Uber and click on the install option.

Step-2. Launch the Uber app

Once it gets downloaded, you get back to the menu and find the Uber icon. To start using it, turn on your GPS setting to enable the app to predict your location.

You can also type your pickup location in case the detected location is incorrect.

Step-3. Choose your ride type.

Uber offers multiple ride options, including UberPOOL and UberGO. If you want to travel alone, select the UberPOOL but if you are travelling with your group, book an UberGO for a group of four members.

Step-4. Confirm your cab booking

While confirming your ride, you need to be a little more attentive and select the ride type and confirm the number of seats you require. After confirming the number of seats and selecting the ‘confirm pickup’ option, you will have to wait for a while, and the app will show your cab’s name, picture and number.

A few features:

Here are some of the beneficial features you will get apart from affordable rides. A few of them are:

  • In case you change your mind to go, or you realize that you have entered the wrong address, uber allows you to cancel your ride. For this cancellation, there are chances that you will be partially charged or else you will be charged a little cancellation fee on your next ride.
  • Uber gives you a valid  Uber Customer Care Number to get in touch with the customer support team in a problematic situation.
  • If you used to book a cab for a location more often, it would allow you to add the location to your saved places. This feature will help you save time to fill in the address again the next time you book a cab for the same location.
  • Uber also offers multiple promo codes or coupons. You can use these promo codes by clicking on ‘add promo/gift card’ and enter the code in the displayed box. This entered promo code will automatically get applied the next time you book a cab for the relevant location.


Besides the gift cards or promo codes, easy booking services, easy cancellation, Uber also offers free rides to its users if they invite their friends on uber and send invite’s text messages to them.

The users can also use an in-app ticket if they have forgotten your stuff in the car. Sounds very helpful, right? And do you know what the most beneficial feature is? You can raise an in-app ticket if you think you have been charged in the wrong way. So, leave all your worries behind and book a cab for yourself or your loved ones and get the quickest pickups.

We hope we have educated you in the right way to book a ride for you whether you need a ride for one or two-person or a group of four members.

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