Can you play fantasy football for free?

Fantasy football only costs money if you want it to. In fact, the majority of fantasy football participants compete in leagues that don’t have any monetary value. Most of these football enthusiasts participate in this popular virtual sport just for fun. Free leagues have no entry fee , give chance to play free fantasy football league and typically have no monetary prize to be won.  

 So yes, you can play fantasy football for no cost at all. There are several sites that offer free fantasy football leagues. Free leagues have no prizes because the money pooled as an entry fee is used to reward the winners. However, some sites host free fantasy football leagues at no entry fee, but players can still play for real cash prizes. Players are required to make deposits which act as the money pool from which winners are rewarded. 

 Sites like Draft KingsFanspel and Fantasy Draft offer free fantasy football leagues that give participants entries into big cash tournaments. You can gain access to the regular freerolls of sites like and just by visiting their addresses. Such free sites have several free fantasy football contests that can be played against strangers or friends. Below are some of the top free fantasy football sites where you can take part in virtual football leagues at no cost. 


fantasy sports

Yahoo! is one of the first sites to offer mainstream free fantasy sports services. The platform has for a long time been a pillar of virtual sports like fantasy football. Many fantasy football participants keep coming back to play year in and year out. This is because yahoo features an easy-to-use user interface, unmatched in-house fantasy analysis, and real-time stats. The onboarding process is easy and straightforward.  

Access to public leagues is easy. The platform also offers custom leagues where players can create customized rosters. Yahoo! hosts a variety of free leagues as well as pay leagues that feature player rankings and more. 


ESPN football

It is hard to mention American sports and not mention ESPN. This is because the platform is synonymous with sports like football. It is, therefore, no surprise that they offer a stellar fantasy service. The availability of a variety of fantasy football leagues makes the site one of the best.  

 On ESPN, you can create your custom league or join a private league or public league. The only downside to creating a custom league with ESPN is that their platform does not support public posting like most other online fantasy football sites.  

 League openings can only be posted on the message board to invite other participants to the league. ESPN is one of the most recommended fantasy websites because it offers both pay leagues and free leagues. Unlike other fantasy websites, ESPN has their own player rankings and offer free analysis. 


The National Football League has put a lot of effort into embracing fantasy sports. This is because fantasy football is a key component of the actual football league’s popularity. offers a quite simple draft application. The site, being one of the better fantasy websites, offers private leagues, custom leagues, and free leagues as well as pay leagues. Fantasy participants that play on the NFL site benefit from defensive player options, fantasy analysis, and player rankings. 

 Fanspel is also best platform for fantasy football where user can utilize their skills and earn rewards in crypto. 

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