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Many businesses go through the challenge of deciding whether to do business with big multinational freight forwarders or small, independent freight forwarders for global and local logistics and freight forwarding services. Please read some of the benefits that can help industries succeed in the long run when they choose to work with an independent freight forwarder.

What is an independent freight forwarder?

Before looking at the benefits, let us take a look at the basics first.

When you want to ship goods worldwide, you will have two options for freight forwarding: multinational corporations or small independent freight forwarders. But let us begin with what a freight forwarder can do to help meet your shipping needs.

Freight forwarders do not literally handle freight. All they do is remove a giant headache for the business and employees. Freight forwarding services work by running the myriad layers of administration, global standards, customs details, cargo tracking, and generally arrange everything to get the stuff from start to finish. If you do not have an in-house international shipping expert, things can go off the rails quickly. They navigate the intricacies of paperwork, negotiations, efficiency, and best shipping practices. In short, freight forwarding services will help you to arrange everything, so you don’t have to.

Why use an independent freight forwarder?

Independent freight forwarding services are minor than multinationals, and that is a benefit. Independent freight forwarders are not bogged down by layers of internal bureaucratic procedures and layer upon layer of approvals and review. It allows more flexibility to address complicated problems with innovation and creative solutions. Big businesses have numerous rules and regulations to handle such a large industry. This complexity can alter the process and make them slow to adjust or implement innovative solutions.

Additionally, IFF is tightly networked, trusted, and held to high standards. Worldwide freight forwarding networks like World Cargo Alliance have members to high business standards. It requires an immediate and severe vetting process to become a member—their reputation is based on it. With networks such as the WCA, you can have more reach and market share compared to the multinationals combined with the flexibility and speed of an independent freight forwarder.

Independent freight forwarders can get you with the best rates and can deliver the best prices to you. With a more minor, less centralized operation, overhead is low, processes are flexible, and they navigate less internal red tape. This all comes up to better rates and superior service. Plus, with IFF, you talk to people (not machines) who provide great one-on-one time and who take the time to comprehend and address shipping concerns.

What is the benefit of working with an independent freight forwarder?

  1. Independent Freight Forwarders are Monitored and Vetted:

Most belong to well-established networks such as WCA, which keep them accountable by setting ethical, financial, and operational standards to maintain the memberships. Multinationals don’t have a vetting process and are not allowed to be a part of these networks.

  1. Independent Freight Forwarders are Agile:

When handling shipments, they can be more flexible when selecting the correct overseas agent. They can switch service providers as needed to accommodate the shipping requirements. On the other hand, Multinational freight forwarders are more constrained to their global offices.

  1. Independent Freight Forwarders Have Operational Efficiency and Flexibility:

 They have more carrier choices than multinationals, allowing them to select the best route, carrier, and price combination. IT operations and operations can be adapted more efficiently, allowing them to cater directly to importers and exporters.

  1. Independent Freight Forwarders Keep Their Pricing Competitive:

 Due to lower overhead, and carrier options, independents can offer lower freight rates. Participation in networks like the WCA will allow them to work with various agents to find you the best prices.

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