Make your life Adventurous with Leopard Sanctuary

To do something adventurous must go for leopard wildlife safari. Emphasizing “Leopard” in comparison with other big cats is go-getter option. Since , the bigger size of tiger makes them more popular and so, we see that most of the national parks and sanctuaries in India were established for tigers in India. While in terms of size and weight, tiger is more powerful. What makes Jawai Leopard Camp Safari  special is that you get to spot leopards at an arm’s distance in their natural habitat. They say that like you don’t go back without spotting a tiger from Ranthambore, you don’t go back without spotting a leopard from Jawai.

Pali district in Rajasthan having a place called Jawai or Jawai Bandh is a place where you get to see a different side of wildlife. In the past few decades, Jawai has emerged as a favourable place for the leopards and many other animals. This place is paradise for nature lover, adventurer or wildlife photographer.So, make some time to bring adventure in life and explore Jawai with Jawai tour package .This place is also well equipped with modern amenities .Many of resorts resolute to bring closer with this land .Since ,these characteristic make this land explored tirelessly .This is a place which gives you a mix of wildlife and panoramic natural beauty. And also geographical location make you stay longer and can spend longer holidays. Another reason for visiting the place is Rajasthani food .Leisure of Daal –baati make your stay more memorable and authentic.

The characteristics of leopards are amazing, they are lightweight and smaller in size and that’s why you mostly see them mounted on trees because they are the only species of the big cats in India that can do it. What makes them more special is their solitary and stealthy behaviour which makes them deadlier than any other big cat. Lately, some of the viral videos shows leopard getting into human settlement and attacking animals too. All the physical and behavioural traits make leopard a perfect predator in the Indian forests. India is full of rich flora, funa and wide variety of natural beauty.

With its flexibility and excessive stamina, it can easily climb on trees and mountains.Due to this reason ,it is found in alpine reigon.

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