Things to consider before starting your Animation Project

Animation is an art of designing, drawing and making layouts or it brings life in objects or illustrated/ 3D generated characters. To create animation animators need a plan or strategy to finish a project. Have you ever done any project without planning? Planning is very important to execute anything, even an animated video or anything else.

When our mind hits a new idea, we just start working on that idea without any plan but sooner or later we need some strategy to continue with the idea.  When we talk about successful animators, they follow some simple rules to ensure that they can achieve their aim in an organised manner within a certain time.

First, In this blog we cover the basic steps or points to consider before starting anything. Here we bring you the most important and basic steps that will help you to create and finish your project in time with a good track. These steps you can learn while doing an Animation course in Ahmedabad.

1. Know your story:-  This is the first and the most important step when you are looking to start any project.  We remember Nemo as the story of a father looking for his missing son and can you see the pattern? Can you relate with it? If we talk we should be able to convey our story in just one line.

With this we have a clear idea about why a story plays a major role. Many animators, especially beginners, think that story is not important or just start impatiently. They start animating quickly without getting an idea; without any real story. It is okay to draw rough sketches or doodles before you forget.

A story is very important for the final frames. It is very important to get everything on paper so that you can follow it step by step without any hurdle. Starting from the actual story to the required research & notes so that you are able to do small changes if any needed. Other animators can also get an idea from the script if needed.

2. Create a work strategy or project plan:- So now you know that you have a story or a brilliant idea and you want to convert it into the real one. You just can’t wait. Right? Think a minute, wait and plan. Yes, plan. It’s all about planning or we can say this is the basic step to your success.

With planning an animator can get a clear idea about the work process like what type of work he needs to do in which stage. By this you have a rough idea like how much time you need to complete your work. With planning you should also go for a proper workflow. setting yourself a proper workflow will make sure that you don’t spend your entire time in one project. Spending so much time on one project is not a good idea.

If you set a plan then stick on the plan all I mean to say is determine the steps in which you will complete each stage of your project. Set a deadline if you are working for someone else. Decide the time in which you can complete the project and divide the time according to steps.

3. Get a clear idea about your characters:- Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Simba & Mufasa, Pikachu, Tom & Jerry, are iconic characters. Did you ever think why these characters are so famous? This is because animators put so much effort to make them believable & lovable. Sometimes animators only try one sketch of any characters and move on. Try to avoid such types of mistakes. Draw it many times until you are satisfied with that particular character.

Before finalization, it is important to sketch your characters from various angles, along with different situations, and in various emotions. We know what our characters look like in our heads. But it is not enough to show the character to the audience, it is important to draw that character on paper. It is good to create a sheet from various perspectives.

4. Plan your scenes:- It is important to stitch one scene together to make a perfect animated movie. A movie is a combination of more than one scene. It’s easy to imagine and draw one scene but movies are a combination of all scenes and sometimes animators fail to combine all the scenes to make a complete movie. The reason is because they are not following the actual planning or the thread like where one scene ends and another one begins.

For a perfect scene, you just need to identify the requirements of each scene like where the scene ends and where to start the next scene. That means planning, as I said earlier planning plays a very important role in any project. If you have a proper plan like where to start the next scene and where to end then you can easily create a perfect animated picture.

5. Know the timing:-  Timing is very important for any movie like the movie can be short or long like it can be of 5 sec. or long like 2 hours. As an animator, I think from the audience perspective like it should be a timeless experience.  Proper timing and movement of characters are very important. Planning is very important to determine the movement like if your character will walk or run, pause of the character.

You also need to decide which character will play in slow motion and which is in fast. This will result in the speed of the movie. Timings are very important when you are going to frame all the characters in one frame. With the step 1, 2 ,3 and 4 step 5 plays an important role from users perspective.

Conclusion:-  Animation industry is booming and provides great career opportunities.  These are the steps animators should follow to create a perfect project. Learn animation from the Best Animation Course in Satellite and make a step ahead towards your career.

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