What is Literacy, and what is its significance?

In the layman language, Literacy can be defined as the ability to read and write the language that one speaks. Literacy plays an essential role in education and gaining knowledge about something or someone. An illiterate person falls short of understanding any sector, especially the education sector.  That’s why it is recommended to at least read, write and speak at least one language. DPS Indirapuram, the best cbse schools in ghaziabad, defines Literacy as the 360-degree approach to development.

DPSI follows the holistic development approach to focus on the overall development of the child. The best school in Ghaziabad believes in developing a child in academics and the field of manners, etiquette, extra curriculum, and the psychological behaviour that affects a child’s overall development.

Literacy is considered crucial because it is one of the most fundamental elements of education based on knowledge from various sources in different mediums. Developing the best experiences and learning from base amongst the students has helped DPSI become the best play school in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. As the school focuses on the students from a very early age, the child starts grabbing things with more curiosity and lively.

Literacy helps improve the quality of life, with the overall development of the brain, body and mind. DPSI believes Literacy plays a significant role in being successful based on knowledge and understanding. Being the best school in Ghaziabad, Delhi Public School Indirapuram works on the child’s overall development, which affects the quality of life of a person. It helps in the development of a child with credibility and a holistic approach.

Delhi Public School Indirapuram has continued the legacy of the dynamic approach since its inception in the year 2003 by following the changing needs of the society and the update in terms of Literacy and its importance.

Today, the school focuses on the overall development of every child individually by creating a healthy environment to stimulate each child’s intellectual growth and use the same energy to channelize in the right direction.

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