When You Need Yono sbi customer care number?

State Bank of India is one of the greatest banks which provides digital banking services to its customers via the Yono platform. Yono helps the customers to get all the financial and other services like booking a flight, paying their bills, etc. This app is available both on android phones and iOS. But the real question comes is – What happens when Yono stops to respond? In this case, we need the Yono sbi customer care number to contact the customer care executives. These executives are appointed to resolve any query that customers face.

When To Contact Yono SBI Customer Care?

We can contact the customer number when we face the following issues while using the Yono sbi app. These issues are

·         Maintenance Activity

The developers are developing and trying new things on the Yono app. Because of this maintenance activity, the app is slowing down and people are finding it quite difficult to make transactions and use the app. So, in this situation, it is recommended to contact customer care executives. They will tell you the exact scenario and time the situation might take to complete your transactions.

·         Not Able To Log In

People sometimes find it difficult to log into the official site or app of Yono SBI. This situation happens when the servers are not working properly. In this case, you can contact the yono helpline number to resolve the issue. The customer care executives will let you know why this issue is arising and how you can resolve it.


Digital transactions are growing at an increasing speed in the world. India is also utilising the internet to provide net banking facilities to customers. The State bank of India offers a Yono web service that helps people to do digital transactions with the help of this app. People do face some issues while using this app which is why they need to contact the Yono sbi customer care number. If you are also facing any issues, feel free to contact the customer care helpline number.

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