3 Smart Devices to Start a Green Lifestyle

It’s never too late to go green, especially with today’s present circumstances. Scientists have warned over the past few years about the possible impacts of global warming on our planet, and offered means by which we can switch to a sustainable, green lifestyle. Across the globe countries are adopting solar power, wind power technologies as an alternative to coal and oil, considering hydropower is not as reliable as it once was – and that is what one of the impacts of global warming is.

Taking it down to a domestic scale, what can individuals do to take part in living a sustainable lifestyle? Here’s one easy solution: investing in smart home devices. Smart Home Devices come with the technology to allow users to control these given devices from miles away, leaving zero room for carelessness, while they also work in an energy-efficient manner. These 3 smart devices are ones that you should probably consider starting with.

  1. Smart Sprinklers

Tripping over a hose or someone’s dog running across the yard can sometimes trigger some water sprinklers. Nevertheless, if there’s a way for you to cut down on water wastage, one solution is switching to smart sprinklers and here’s why you should.

People tend to forget to turn off their sprinklers, or don’t really know how much water is enough for the yard, and let the sprinklers run for over an hour, sometimes multiple times in a day. Smart Sprinkler controllers are here to manage all your yard needs. Setting schedules that can be switched off or altered at any time from the controller itself or from your smartphone, these devices let you switch the sprinklers off even while you’re driving to work.

Other than that, most smart sprinklers can use information from weather forecasts in order to alter their watering schedule automatically, without you having to do anything. They send alerts and suggestions for ideal watering schedules and the amount of water that would be used in the process too – the right amount needed for a yard of a particular size that is. This way you’re not out of the loop either. The pacific lawn sprinklers are great to begin with, if you’re considering smart sprinklers for your home.

  1. Smart Thermostats

Cutting back on energy wastage at the hands of your home thermostat can be done by installing a smart thermostat in place of your ordinary one. By connecting to the home Wi-Fi network, smart thermostats can be controlled and accessed through your smartphones and tablets, while some can even be voice-enabled, allowing you to verbally control your device as well Xfinity Home Security.

Like the Google Nest Learning thermostat and the Honeywell Home T9, there are certain smart thermostats that come with the technology to allow the device to learn your preferred temperature settings and adjust the thermostat throughout the day, all the while cutting back on energy waste.

And when there’s a cutback on energy consumption, is there a reduction in your monthly heating and cooling bills? Other than that, smart thermostats can essentially be switched on or off even while you’re away from home and also allow for setting daily and weekly schedules for the device to follow through.

  1. Smart Lights

Another great smart device to begin your green lifestyle with are smart lights. These were initially used for commercial purposes—those lights that would switch on by sensing motion—but have made their way to the domestic market too and for all the right purposes.

Smart lights can help reduce your electric bill because these bulbs are LED, which consume less energy as opposed to regular light bulbs. Apart from that, they bring with them several features that come in quite handy. Each bulb can be controlled individually through smartphones and voice assistants, or even collectively through an additional hub that you would have to install.

Sengled Smart multicolor bulbs, for instance, can change to up to 16 million shades, including white and warm tones. Smart lights also let you control the brightness level of each bulb with built-in dimmers. Some feature motion sensors that can light up or switch off the light bulbs automatically due to the movement in any room. Users can even set schedules for these smart lights, which can save them the trouble of coming home to a dark house or keeping intruders out while away on vacation. Not just that, but smart lights are also accessible with you being miles away, just like all smart devices!

These don’t sound so bad, right? Smart home devices are your best bet at adopting a sustainable lifestyle. These devices are easily available on the domestic market and at very affordable and reasonable prices. Consider them an investment in your home! So if you’re looking to find some more smart home devices, head on over to and browse through their catalog. You’ll surely find something.

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