Different Apps for Parents to Keep Their Kids Safe Online

It is always a good idea for parents to set some boundaries and keep their kids safe online. It is wise for today’s parents to keep a check on their children’s online activities. It is not an easy job for parents to get this done. So, it is better to download different apps on your gadgets to manage your kids’ online activities.

Once installed on the iPhone or any other iOS device, users can set limits on their kids’ time on the internet. Also, they can set limitations for the kids on the type of content they view online, etc. Also, parents can keep a check on the type of content that kids view while they are online. You can use TDS internet service to download these apps easily on your smartphone and other iOS devices.

TDS internet and TDS TV are some of the famous services provided by the company keeping in view the needs of the current digital era. For now, let’s look at the different apps you can use on your kids’ devices and monitor whatever they do online.


The app can provide parents with all the necessary tools needed to raise their kids in the digital age today. You can find the tool to monitor online content, manage your kid’s screen time, filter websites that you do not want your kids to view, etc. The app can provide peace of mind while you are not present at home to supervise your kids.

Using the app, you can monitor your kid’s messages, emails, YouTube, and more than 30 social media apps and platforms. You as a parent get notified when something potentially troublesome occurs online.

App Store Rating: 4.0

Net Nanny

The app is one of the tools for screen time parenting and lets you track down your kid’s online activity and whatever apps they use. You can set the app for each child in the family and protect them from potential threats online. The best thing about the app is that you can get instant reports of your kid’s internet search, get updates on the apps they are using, etc.

Another best thing about the app is that you do not have to argue with your kids when it’s time for their meal. The app automatically turns off the internet so that you can get their attention and even use the Family Map feature to find where they are.

App Store Rating: 2.9

Google Family Link

The app can provide you with monitoring of your kid’s online life regardless of their age. It lets you set safe digital grounds to help your kids learn, play, and explore things online. For kids under the age of 13, the app lets you create a Google Account that is like your account and gets you access to major Google services.

You can view their activity, manage the apps they are using, approve the ones that you think will be appropriate for them to have, etc. Apart from that, you can monitor their screen time and set limits to things that you do not want them to view.

App Store Rating: 4.6


The app can help you keep your kids safe while they are using the internet and even have fun together. You can say that the app brings families together and let them know whatever the kids are doing online. The app provides an ideal way to prevent your kids from becoming screen addicts and take charge whenever things seem to be a bit problematic.

The app has received a few awards because it uses some unique features to keep your kids safe online. For instance, the app sets daily screen time whenever you want to. Also, the app blocks websites and texting, and monitor whatever your kids are watching on YouTube or a social media app.

App Store Rating: 4.6


The app is best for setting screen time limits and monitoring whatever your entire family does online. You can start using the Kids App Qustodio Companion on your kid’s device and seamlessly perform activities like app monitoring, app blocking, kids tracking and use advanced reporting methods. You can use some features of the app including website Category Blocking, Safe Search, Unsupported Browser Blocking, etc.

App Store Rating: 4.0


In the end, one can say that monitoring your kids’ online activities is an important part of parenting. You should discuss and provide your kid with an environment where they discuss their online and social media activities with you. For this, you should make sure that you let them know that monitoring their online activity is part of keeping them safe. This can build up a feeling of trust between you and your child.

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