Best masking tape for painting

The secret to making a painting job look professional is painter’s tape. Painter’s tape is also often called masking tape. However, masking tape designed for painting is crucial, as standard masking tape can leave residue after removal, unlike specific painter’s tape.

Masking tape designed for painting will prevent messes and make sure the result is a clean painting job.

Choosing masking tape for your painting job

Choosing the right masking tape is important to ensure the best result for your painting job.

The wall finish is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing painter’s tape. It is vital to choose a tape suitable for the material it is going to be used on. Multi-surface tapes are more suitable for harder surfaces, but gentle surfaces such as fresh paint or wallpaper could peel. Use delicate if in any doubt.

Width is another consideration. Wide tape between 1.5 and two inches is the best unless it is a very tight space being painted because it will give protection from stray brush strokes to most areas. Wider tape can be a little more costly, but not as expensive as having to go back and clean up a mess.

The timeframe also needs to be taken into account. The amount of time a job is expected to take is important, with the majority of tapes recommending a particular timeframe that the masking tape should remain in position before it can be taken off. Check the recommendation on the product to avoid problems such as leaving residue or premature peeling.

What is the best masking tape for painting?

There are several excellent painter’s masking tapes available on the market.

One of the very best is the Scotch Blue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape, which is easily the best multi-surface tape around. This two-pack is 1.41 inches in width and covered in a medium adhesive that can be used on an array of surfaces, such as drywall, tile, and wood. The tape is also UV-resistant, making it a great choice for exterior and interior projects.

FROGTAPE Multi-Surface is probably the best combo pack around, made with crepe paper that is very easy to use and is capable of adhering to carpet, metal, stone, unfinished wood, glass, and many other surfaces for the creation of seamless paint lines. It is available in many different sizes and quantities.

The best thick tape on the market is often considered Duck Clean Release Blue Painter’s Tape, which can be cleanly removed from walls for up to two weeks after application. It is safe for many surfaces, such as wood and glass.

The best outdoor surface tape is Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape, which has a very strong adhesive, allowing it to stick to outdoor surfaces like brick, concrete, and stone.

For overall best value, STIKK Blue Painter’s Tape is number one, offering three rolls of masking tape for the price of one capable of preventing paint from bleeding through.

The way specifications impact user experience and performance needs to be considered when choosing the best masking tape for your painting job. Explore the expansive range at RS for more.

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