A Couple of Customer Service Stats to be Aware of in 2021

We have seen a major change in the customer services back in the decades and now. Earlier, brands only need to focus on lower prices and best quality products, as the advertisements for the products were based and focussed on tangible benefits and are compared with the other brand’s quality.

But, with the changing era, there has been a change noticed in this too. Advertisements nowadays are more consumer-oriented, focussing more on the customer experiences and results. The reason behind this can be the increased customer experience emphasis.

The quality and price, customer service and experience are also added to the list, making it more efficient. The four important stats that the customer must be aware of are:

  1. High-Quality Customer Service Importance:

According to the studies, 90% of Americans decide whether to go for the company or not for the businesses based on their customer service leads. Many companies have also revealed that investing in new leads and customers is around 5-25 times costlier than retaining the old ones for repeated orders.

58% of the average Americans switch their brand or companies due to poor customer services. 89% of the total customers, when responded positively by customer service executives, are likely to place a repeat order with the brand.

  1. Power of Positive Customer Service:

Even if the company has made a mistake and has good customer service, then on average, 78% ignore the mistakes and repeat the order. All three out of five customers have said that the loyalty towards the brand is increased with positive Customer Services.

Recommendations over the customer service also impact a lot as 38% of the customers who rate the company as good are likely to recommend it to the others.

What are the Facts Behind UPI Customer Care Number?

After revealing the stats about the positivity of customer care numbers, also explore some of them related to the UPI apps.

34% of UPI apps’ total users are likely to call the UPI Customer Care Number to get assistance, be it regarding the procedures or about the payments.

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