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Google pay – At one click, the magic begins!

Do you know about one of the famous mobile payment apps in India? Yes, we are talking about Google Pay, the free app that is designed to send and receive the amount, and also you can pay the utility bills via this app.

Google Pay is the best app that is known for being safe and secured. The app is safeguarded with a high-end security system that saves your amount from getting hacked and even assists in detecting fraud. There are some great ways to secure your Google pay account like you can screen lock your app with biometric (fingerprint) or numeric numbers (passcode).

Want to know about the security concerns? You can call on 1800-419-0157 at Google Pay customer care helpline numberyou will get assistance round the clock.

There is another section of the “Help and Feedback” section on the G-pay application where you will get assistance from the support specialist.

Now, let’s know what is Google pay?

What is Google Pay?

The application is built on the innovative platform, UPI (Unified Payments Interface). If you want to transfer money to anyone, you can do it via UPI – enabled wallet, you need not require having the bank details.

You can use Google pay applications to:

  • Transfer the amount
  • You can pay out the utility bills like electricity, phone bills, etc
  • You can pay the businesses amount like DTH, food delivery, etc
  • You can pay your bills via AdWords bills

How to set up Google Pay?

  • What you have to do is, go to the android or Ios store and download the Gooogle pay application.
  • Give your Mobile number
  • You can sign in now in this step by using your Google account.
  • To secure your G-Pay app, you can set your Google to pay 4 digit pin.
  • You can use your screen lock as a security PIN.

How can you add your bank account to the app?

  • You need to be sure that your bank must operate with UPI
  • In this step, you must enter your UPI ID.
  • In case, you do not have your UPI –ID, you can give your debit card details.
  • Now, you can open up the Google pay app and tap on your photo option, then on the payment options.

On tap on the

  • “ Add Bank account”.
  • Select your bank name from the given list.

Features of G- Pay

  • The innovative application supports varied languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, etc.
  • Want to secure the app? You have a golden opportunity to use the Phone ID’s fingerprint scanner.
  • Now you can easily detect the fraud, verify the hacking via the Tez Shield security feature.
  • Even, customers get tempting cashback schemes when they pay the bills or transfer the amount.
  • And, the surprise package is there, you will receive Rs 51 cashback when you refer Google pay to your friend.
  • You can transfer up to 1 lakh rupees per day across different UPI’s.
  • The single transaction cannot exceed 1 lakh rupees.

Final Words

Want to know more about Google-Pay? Call the executive by calling at 1800-419-0157 Google Pay customer care helpline numberthe support executives are available round the clock for your support and assistance.

Now, if you want to do safe and secure transactions with one click, what can be better than Google-Pay. The best online application to date, Google pay is known for serving wide customers with varied benefits.

Now, download the Google-pay app and use the benefits, you will love it.

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