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Yono SBI is an online platform that offers digital transactions. People use this application to send money, pay their bills, etc. But with the increased online transactions, people do face a lot of issues using the Yono app. Some of these issues can be resolved, but others need special attention. To solve these issues, people need the Yono SBI customer care number to talk to customer care executives. If you are also facing any issues while using the Yono SBI application, read the article to find your answers.

Issues People Face While Using the Yono SBI App

There are two very basic issues people face while using this app. Those issues are:

·         Backend Operations

Online applications need regular developments in the software. Yono SBI is one such application that helps in completing digital transactions. The backend operations make the app run slowly, because of which some transactions fail. In this case, it is advisable to wait so that the app starts to work again. If the issue persists, talk to Yono SBI customer care service. In this way, you can get your solutions.

·         Error in Landing Page

There are a lot of complaints regarding the login page. People complain that they are not able to load the login page of the Yono SBI application. This happens because of the slow server issue. If you face such issues, talk to the customer care executives to resolve your queries.


Yono SBI is a digital app that is very easy and handy to use. But some issues, like delays in transactions and page loading issues, are there. People these days use digital modes to make transactions. So, if there are some issues in the Yono SBI app, contact Yono SBI customer care number, Delhi, and get all your queries resolved. These customer care executives will assist you and help you get rid of the issues you are facing.

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