According to statistics, 75.8 million tonnes of solid waste was produced in Australia in 2018-19. Nothing is more tedious than removing junk and organising. And this becomes a herculean task when the area to be cleaned is large. For the people of Sydney, the story is a bit different. Junk removal in Sydney happens with the ease of a breeze as junk removal companies come to the rescue.

What are the types of services offered by junk removal companies?

Most of the companies that specialise in junk removal in Sydney offer the following services:

1. Household rubbish removal: Junk removal services can be hired for anything ranging from a monthly cleanup to occasions like shifting to a new house.

2. Commercial rubbish removal: This includes collecting junk from offices or other commercial spaces. Top-notch junk removal companies have the legal right to recycle trash. Thus all the e-waste collected from a commercial workspace can be recycled.

3. End of Lease Cleaning: One can employ junk removal services to do the end of lease cleaning as the amount of junk generated is relatively high. Hiring a junk removal company for this purpose saves a lot of time and energy.

4. Green Waste removal: Wastes from the yard like green waste, rocks, clippings and decking can be effectively disposed of with the help of junk removal companies. It is more efficient than renting a dumpster as it saves people from the tedious task of carrying heavy loads of green waste.

5. Electronic Wastes Removal: Junk removal companies are equipped with the latest technologies and machinery to collect, refurbish, reuse or recycle after checking the condition of items collected.

6. Deceased Estate Cleaning: Losing a loved one is painful but inevitable. Junk removal companies can often save you from the overwhelming task of reorganising a deceased loved one’s house. These companies usually give one the liberty to be passively involved in preparing the house for a new purpose in the most efficient and hassle-free manner.

What are the things to be considered before hiring a junk removal company?

1. Environment-friendly services: One should hire rubbish removal companies with environment-friendly waste disposal methods. Making sure the wastes collected doesn’t end up in some random landfill is every citizen’s duty. Most of the top-notch companies mention their waste disposal methods to assure customers about their environment-friendly ways.

2. Completion time: While the time taken to complete the removal is directly proportional to the amount of junk, more workers and efficient machinery can often speed up the process. Most of the good waste removal companies are equipped with a larger workforce and the latest machinery.

3. Testimonials: Testimonials are a great way to know the worth of a company. Good companies often have testimonials attached to their websites, intending to increase credibility. Taking a quick look at their social media accounts and evaluating their customer interactions is another effective way to check if a company is worth hiring.

4. Charges: While a low price is a great price, it isn’t the case for junk removal services. Lower prices are directly proportional to the services one gets. Hence, it is always best to enquire about the costs of various companies and then choose a company that offers the services needed at the most reasonable price.

5. Location: The distance of the company from the target location of junk removal is also an important factor to consider before hiring. Same day services can be enabled when the nearest company is chosen.

6. Covid-19 protocol: The risk factor associated with hiring junk removal companies during the pandemic can be eliminated by choosing companies that have taken necessary steps to educate their workforce about contact-free, safe removal of wastes.

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