Few Facts About Ola Customer Care Contact

    1. Ola is the most preferred cab service worldwide and is also ranked at the top for the best deliveries and rides. But there have been a few misconceptions about the Ola customer care number, as there are many results displayed online after searching for the same. Hence, it is difficult to identify which one is correct and which is fraudulent. There are many articles and pieces of content available online, clarifying the confusion, but all of them also cannot be trusted as we are not sure about the source they have been written from.

    We, too, have compiled all the relevant information about the customer care number its riders are looking for from its official website. Scroll to reveal the actual essential facts.

    Access to the accounts:

    • We often link our debit or credit card with Ola Account for effortless and uninterrupted payments, but increasing fraud has put the information at risk. Thus, Ola has revealed some points that must be addressed as soon as possible to beware of these fishy scams.
    • The company has strictly advised not to answer incoming calls from Ola Customer Care executives requesting OPT or any passwords. If provided, it will give fraudulent access to your ola money and wallet.

    Customer Care:

    • They have advised not to call on any of the customer care numbers listed online on other platforms under their name, as the company has mentioned that they have not listed their number anywhere.
    • They have also strictly denied answering any calls asking to complete the KYC process. If your KYC is still pending, do visit the official website for guidance.

    Discount coupons and codes:

    • Sometimes, the customers receive a text message about discount codes and coupons and are asked to click on the provided link. Beware of such links, as they may direct you to any other website, which might harm your personal details or device.
    • Ola never calls for discount codes or coupons and will never ask to click on any links for promotional offers. They would rather be visible while booking the ride.

    One-Time Password:

    • They also ask to share the OTP with the cab driver before starting the ride and ask to check the cab number before sitting in it.
    • During this pandemic, Ola also asks its customers to take all the safety measures on their end to be safe. Drivers are also advised to follow the same. If your driver is not taking the precautionary steps, you may mail your query or call the given helpline number.

    What are all the mediums available to contact Ola in case of any query or complaint?

    After so many displayed Ola customer care number results, customers are confused about which number or medium to opt to contact the company, either to register their complaint or for any suggestions. We strictly advise our readers to check out only the information available on the official website.

    Ola allows multiple mediums to contact them; you can call on the official and registered website’s number, as they have a special 24/7 dedicated team. You can also mail your suggestions or queries, but you are giving them consent to call you for easy solutions. You can also write your queries, and the concerned person will try to respond to them as soon as possible.

    Social media can also help you with the same. We all have access to all the platforms, as it is easy to contact the website there. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Ola is active on all of these platforms. You can write down your queries and suggestions, and the official partner will reply to them, either by solving the problem or by suggesting an alternate. But you need to check the replies only from the official account, as fraud can be anywhere.

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