Know how to withdraw money from the SBI YONO app

To enhance the customer banking experience, the State Bank of India or SBI, the largest banking service provider and trendsetter, introduced a new banking feature. To offer an easy-to-use mobile banking service, SBI launched a new app known as YONO. You can get more details on it with the Yono sbi customer care number.

Fund transfers, bank statements, and much more are delivered to you like all other banking requirements. The cash withdrawal feature from ATMs without the use of a Debit Card is one of the unique features this app offers.

The account holder can easily withdraw their cash without the need of a Debit card with the help of this app.


SBI YONO app offers a simplified banking experience that can make your spending Smart with this latest mobile banking app that is launched by the State Bank of India.

It generates a convenience to request Cheque Books, ATM Cards/Debit Cards, or use the emergency services to change ATM PINs, and others, amongst its wide variety of features.

How to Withdraw Money without Debit Card?

The following are the steps to withdraw money using the Debit Card; all you need is to follow the steps:

For the respective devices, you need to download and install the SBI YONO app.

To withdraw cash, find the option on the mobile.

A 6-digit pin will be given, which will be valid for 30 minutes after requesting the cash withdrawal.

Visit the nearest YONO cash withdrawal point or SBI ATM and use the PIN to draw out the cash.

To confirm the cash transactions, an SMS will be sent to your mobile number.

To conclude

You get access to Cash Withdrawal with the help of the SBI YONO app. You need to enter the YONO PIN while withdrawing the money apart from the 6-digit PIN. For futher details on this, you can check out the Yono sbi customer care number.

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