Location to install solar panels

We are daily reading the news about rising electricity bills and the damages caused to the environment. But we are all taking many steps and the solar power plant has also been an important step to reduce our load on mother earth. One of the important questions people ask about installation is where I can install a solar panel so that I can get the most out of it.

Many factors like the geographical location of your house, the direction of your roof, and the size of your panel are all factors that you will need to consider before it’s time to install. Here are some tips from one of the best solar company in Gurgaon to help you decide.

Where to install solar panels?

Installing solar panels at the roof

Most solar panels are installed on roofs. But what most people forget to consider is that solar panels can be installed on more than just on the roof of your home or business – they can be installed on any roof of your property. Solar panels are simple to install on the roof of your garage or a separate structure like a shed. If your home’s roof isn’t big enough for solar panels, or if the other structure gets more direct sunlight, installing them on a different structure on your land makes sense.

South-facing roofs are the most viable option for solar panel installations since they allow for the largest energy output, while southeast- and southwest-facing roofs can also be used.

The main advantage of roof installation, regardless of the structure, is that your panels are out of the way. Solar panels can also shield your roof from inclement weather (such as hail, heavy rain, snow, abrasive debris from the wind, and more) and block the sun from hitting it, keeping your home cooler.

A roof installation may not be the ideal option if your roof isn’t south-facing or is excessively shaded by trees. Some homeowners may not opt for solar rooftop plant installation because they don’t want to compromise their roof’s appearance; however, there are choices available, such as Adler Group, to help create a seamless and attractive design.

Installing solar panels on the ground

Installing solar panels on the ground is also a viable option, particularly if your home or business lacks a suitable roof for solar panel installation.

Because the panels can be reached without going onto the roof, the ground placement makes installation and maintenance easier and safer. While this isn’t a worry for experts, you might appreciate the ease with which you can spray down your solar panels without having to get out a ladder or call for assistance.

Due to the area beneath the panels for circulation, which helps keep the panels cool, spherical solar panel systems frequently have higher efficiency. You can also expand your system on the ground, which is not possible with a roof. A roof can supply so much however, a ground system allows you to add panels later if desired.

The main disadvantage of ground-mounted solar panels is that they take up valuable real estate. Consider where they will be the least inconvenient if you go this route. Some people, for example, choose to put solar panels in their front yard rather than their back yard so that they don’t take up too much space. Because your panels will be visible from the street, this is also a good alternative if you want to show them off.

Installation of solar panels on the south facing wall

If you don’t have a south-facing roof or prefer to keep your solar panels off the ground, mounting them on a south-facing wall could be a good option.

It’s critical to install your panels on a south-facing wall so that they can reach their full solar power potential, which includes extra power output that can be stored in your battery as reserves and used to qualify for net metering credits.

Some homeowners choose wall-mounted systems since they leave their roofs and lawns uncovered and unaffected — a benefit if you like your home’s style and don’t want to change it.

However, having a south-facing wall with no windows, doors, or aesthetic impediments, which can leave a limited area for solar panels, is usually pure luck. Because wall-mounted panels are at a 90-degree angle, they produce less energy on average than roof or ground panels – they’ll create the most energy at the end of the day when the sun is low and the rays aren’t as intense.

Get Solar rooftop plant in Ghaziabad with Adler Group

If you’re considering getting solar panels (or already have them) but aren’t sure where to put them, consulting a professional is one of the finest things you can do. A consultant from Adler Group can come to your home and analyze the best placement for you.

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