Today I will show you how to assemble the Indian Garden Parasols

Today I will show you how to assemble the Indian garden parasols, Phase 1 compiling the parasol of ambrosio below. For this we use a 40kg base. So what we need for this: 4 spring washers, 4 nuts, 4 bolts, 8 standard washers. These are found in a box with a parasol base.

From the parasol box you will need a parasol pole below and you will also need a replaceable panel and 14mm panel. Take out the pole, take the bolt, put the sash in the bolt like that, put that with the parasite and the base, like that.

Take another washer, washer washer and one of the nuts and place them on the other side of the pole. Washing machine first, then the washer washer, then the nut. Install them freely. do this with all 4 nuts and bolts, following that sequence, bolt, sher, using foundation, and then look for another washer, another spring washer and another nut.

Then take your adjustment, put it back with your 14mm and start tightening this. Once you have finished tightening all four nuts and bolts it is time to move on to the next stage of assembling this parasol.

Now is the time to move on to step 2 to integrate this parasol. First take 40kg of parasol base and lower it down. Then take the parasol out of the pockets. Take the front pole and insert it inside so, tighten these 2 buttons.

So remove the parasol installation. After that you want to take the parasol, press it up, you may have to press it down, until it clicks in its place, and it is locked in its place. The third step of the parasol assembly, is to put the parasol in place, to do so by removing the handle here and lifting the parasol to its upper part, locking the handle down as well.

Let the parasite come out, and roll up your sleeves into such a place. The final step in assembling your parasol is to prevent the parasol from rising. Slowly stop the handle as the parasol rises. That’s how you assemble the Alexander Rose 3m cantilever parasol.

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