Three Super-Herbs Will Help You Beat Mid-Day Fatigue

It’s 3 p.m., and your mind is starting to wonder; you’re tired, and you’d give anything to feel better. BRAND’S® Yang Shen Essence is here to help.

BRAND’S Yang Shen Essence is a well-balanced plant-based supplement that aids in body notification and nourishment (translated as “vital life force”). It’s made with Asian and American Ginseng extracts, Schisandra extracts, and Mai Men Dong extracts, which work together to create a three-step holistic solution.

Step 1: Tonify Qi with Ginseng

Qi deficiency, also known as a lack of “bodily energy,” may lead to fatigue, especially during times of stress. The good news is that BRAND’S® Yang Shen Essence, which contains Asian Ginseng extract, will help to tone and balance your Qi.

Asian ginseng is a superior herb in traditional Chinese medicine that not only strengthens general health and boosts vital energy, but it’s also an adaptogen, meaning it can help the body withstand mental and physical stress by modifying the body’s metabolic and functional processes.

Step 2: Use Mai Men Dong to cool down.

On the other hand, ginseng is known to induce ‘heatiness.’ As a result, BRAND’S® Yang Shen Essence is cleverly formulated with Mai Men Dong extracts (Ophiopogon tuber, aka’Lush Winter Wheat’), which can help counteract heat by increasing body fluid output. This super herb not only moisturizes your lungs but also helps to balance your body’s yin and yang energies—especially when we fail to drink enough water due to our hectic schedules!

Step 3: Use Schisandra to keep qi flowing.

Schisandra, also known as Wu Wei Zi and translated as “five-flavor fruit,” is salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter all at once! Schisandra locks all the goodness of BRAND’S® Yang Shen Essence in for a longer-lasting effect, thanks to the detoxifying properties of ginseng and the moisture provided by Mai Men Dong. Schisandra increases the body’s resistance and enhances mental efficiency with this healthy qi, so mid-day exhaustion is no longer a problem!

Living a balanced life seems to be almost impossible. We are continually looking for excellence in all aspects of our lives. However, BRAND’S® Yang Shen Essence claims that it is probable! Be able to live life to the fullest, all day, every day, with the wholesome goodness of all three super-herbs mixed into one convenient bottle!.

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